Brian Krebs

Understanding the A/OG Hacker

I mean I can start this post with a whole lot. “The Hacker Manifesto” started it all for me. I mean, I literally discovered a line of thinking that was my own.To think that is impossible to the next generation is again nonviable, and what I conclude nonviable, so I leave these residual remarks. We are HACKERS, by literal definition. …

Night Vision Goggles

These hands-free night vision goggles mean surveillance, after-dark expeditions, and finding the perfect bush to pee on in the middle of the night aren’t just possible, they’re on like Donkey Kong! Whether stealthiness or simply seeing 20 feet in front of you is your mission, Wanney’s night vision goggles can aid in completing it with infrared LED illumination. LEDs are …

Dick Taxi Driver

The guy realizes the cab driver is going in the wrong direction and trys to correct him, ensuing with an argument with the driver. What the cab driver does however, is absolutely unreal.